Create a Cozy Reading Nook

16 Dec

Make space for down time

Many of us get so caught up in our busy everyday lives that we forget to recharge ourselves with a little down time. But by creating a special space for quiet activities like reading, knitting or meditating, we can make it easier to relax and focus on our personal well-being. 

Reading nooks don’t have to take up a lot of room — you can transform any private, unused corner or area of the house into your own personal happy place. Some spaces could include:

  • A window seat
  • A built-in nook in your wall
  • The corner of your bedroom
  • A porch or deck

What to add to your reading nook

Once you choose your location, it’s time to cozy it up:

  • Ensure you have ample light.
    Use a reading lamp or floor lamp to ensure there’s plenty of light for your activity. If you can, make the most of natural light — a natural mood booster.

  • Choose a comfy place to sit.
    Whether it’s a plush chair or an oversized floor cushion, find your favorite spot. Then soften up your seating area with fluffy throw blankets or pillows.

  • Add a side table.
    If there are no flat surfaces near you, invest in a small side table where you can set down your coffee, glasses or other essentials.

Display your favorite items and books

More ideas for your reading nook:

  • Incorporate your favorite accessories. 
    What makes you happy? Surround yourself with plants, flowers, candles, decorative objects, inspirational quotes or whatever else you love.

  • Display your books.
    Organize your reading materials on a shelf, window ledge or stylish magazine rack, or simply stack them creatively on the floor.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, make sure to set aside a block of time each day to curl up in your reading nook and revel in your newfound alone time.

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Boost Your Mood with Comfort Décor

9 Dec

Add items that make you feel good

Plush, cozy furnishings and vintage pieces can add comfort to a room.

With all the challenges of this past year, many of us are embracing our home décor with a newfound passion and are focusing on the types of items that make us feel good inside. 

In addition to plush, cozy furnishings, many of us are choosing décor that exudes feelings of nostalgia or makes us feel connected with nature.

Here are just a few home décor ideas that will help comfort you throughout the season:

  • Vintage Pieces
    Whether it’s your grandmother’s needlepoint or your Aunt Norma’s vintage typewriter, pull out a few family heirlooms to evoke fond memories.

  • Photos
    Rekindle life’s precious moments by displaying photos from childhood or your favorite family vacations.

Reduce stress and improve your mood

More ideas to consider:

Adding natural elements to your decor can help reduce stress and improve your mood.
  • Natural Elements
    Accessorize with plants, flowers or other elements from the outdoors, like leaves, branches and berries, to help reduce stress and improve your mood.
  • Homemade Décor
    Spend quality time with your loved ones by engaging in a fun DIY project together — build a bookcase, paint stones or make a gingerbread house.

Create a calming effect

Additional ideas are:

Add blues to your decor to create a calming effect.
  • Blues
    Incorporate warm, calming shades of blues, grays or other soft neutrals into your furnishings, pillows, tableware or window treatments.

  • Decked-out front door
    What better way to express your holiday spirit while staying in — decorate your front door with lights, a garland or a homemade wreath.

If you noticed holiday decorations much earlier this year, you’re not alone. And expect to see them long after the holidays are over. 

This season is not about following traditional rules. It’s about creating an atmosphere that brings you comfort and makes you feel your very best.

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How to Hide Cords and Cables

25 Nov


Has your tangling mess of cords behind your entertainment center or under your desk become an eyesore? While concealing them might feel next to impossible, there are actually a few simple ways you can hide your cords — or at least keep them neat and organized:

  • Run cords into the wall. 
    Mount your flat-screen TV or gaming system directly onto the wall; then drill two small holes to run the cords into the wall and out near the outlet.
  • Hide cables just under the surface of your desk. 
    Mount a desk management tray, rain gutter or wire basket to the underside of your desk and store cords inside, out of view.
  • Conceal cords inside furniture.
    Tuck TV cords directly into a cabinet or entertainment center; if needed, drill a hole on the top for the wires.
  • Bundle cords together.
    Using cable ties, a cord wrap or even a toilet paper roll, bundle cords together to keep them looking neat.
  • Use cord organizers.
    Run cords through cord hooks behind your desk or along the legs of furniture, feed them through a cable catch or wind them through a cable reel.
  • Make a docking station.
    Repurpose a magazine rack to create a fashionable docking station for your phone, laptop and tablet; then run all the cords through a multi-cable holder.
  • Get a cord cover. 
    If your cords are located near a baseboard or other visible area, hide them under a cord cover — they come in a variety of styles to match your décor.
  • Go wireless. 
    You may also want to consider getting a wireless mouse, keyboard or charging station. The fewer cords you’re working with, the easier it will be to hide them.

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Creative Ways to Display Art

18 Nov


A room with a large painting sitting on top of a sideboard and leaning agains the wall.

While hanging your artwork might seem like the logical way to display it, perhaps you don’t want to put holes in your walls or you’ve run out of wall space. But if you look around your home with a creative eye, you’ll likely find many other ways you can display your art.

  • Lean it against the wall.
    Setting artwork on the floor and leaning it against the wall not only looks casual chic, it’s a great way to hide unsightly cords or cable boxes.
  • Create a furniture display.
    Use an artsy stepladder, tree stump stool or another piece of furniture to highlight your art.


  • Use a floor/table combo.
    Start by leaning a few pieces of art on the floor against the wall and then accent them with complementary pieces on a table above it.
  • Create a shelf display.
    Shelves aren’t just for books! Create a display using a larger piece of art toward the back of the shelf and smaller pieces in front. 
  • Place it on an easel.
    If you really love your artwork, why not showcase it on an actual easel! For smaller pieces, a tabletop easel may be all you need.


  • Search for ledges.
    Try to find overhangs, ledges, windowsills or a mantle where you can prop up your art.

If you want to display your art on the wall but just can’t commit to using nails, you can find a variety of adhesives that won’t damage your paint. But don’t dismiss other less-expected options that will give your home a uniquely stylish look.

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How to Keep Your Home Looking Clean

12 Nov


Do you ever wait so long to clean your home that it takes an entire day — or weekend? Well, by developing the right habits, maintaining a clean home will become an instinctive part of your daily routine. And the more of these habits you master, the easier cleaning will be.

  • Don’t leave a room empty-handed.
    Before leaving a room, look around for any items you can grab that belong where you’re headed.
  • Make your bed.
    Besides making your bedroom instantly neater, turning down a made bed signals to your brain that it’s time to go to sleep so you fall asleep faster.


  • Clean as you go.
    Wash the dishes you’re done with while you’re waiting for the food to cook; hang up your clothes as soon as you change; wipe down the bathroom sink right after brushing your teeth. 
  • Deal with mail immediately.
    Don’t just toss the pile onto your counter — throw junk mail into the recycling bin, and file bills to be paid at the appropriate time.
  • Keep cleaning supplies within easy reach.
    Store cleaning supplies in your bathroom and kitchen cabinets where you can easily access them when needed.


  • Designate a spot for everything.
    An uncluttered home not only looks cleaner, it makes dusting and wiping down surfaces a lot easier too.
  • Use doormats.
    Place doormats on the inside and outside of each exterior door; shake them out on a regular basis.
  • Focus on high-traffic areas.
    Make sure you don’t get too caught up in the small details that most people wouldn’t notice anyway – you can always save certain tasks for deep-cleaning sessions. Instead, focus on high-traffic areas and prioritize your most important goals for the day.

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Coffee Tables

4 Nov


Your coffee table is often one of the first things people notice when they walk into your living room, and the way you style it can set the tone of the entire space. 

Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect look:

  • Keep it simple
    A clean, uncluttered feel with just a few items is most appealing and keeps the focus on the coffee table.
  • Follow the rule of three
    Use a larger piece to ground your design and the other two items to balance it.


  • Contrast textures and shapes
    Think soft flowers paired with a stack of books or a curved vase on a rectangular table.
  • Include a personal item
    Incorporate a travel souvenir, heirloom or another personal item in your display to add interest and spark conversation.
  • Consider using a tray
    A tray can help you style and organize a group of items. You can also use it for remotes, coasters or other small essentials.


  • Look at every angle
    Since your table is probably near the center of your room, make sure it looks good from wherever people can see it.
  • Avoid objects that block your view
    Stick to items that are low enough to see over or airy enough to see through.

While you want a stylish display, it shouldn’t get in the way of everyday use — allow plenty of room on your coffee table to set down drinks, snacks, magazines or whatever else you might want to place on there. Think about what you use your table for and try to create a balance between fashion and function.

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Video Call Background Design Ideas

28 Oct


Over the past few months, video calls may have become an integral part of your life, keeping you connected with coworkers, family and friends — and giving others a glimpse into your home. So why not ensure your video-conference background puts you in the best possible light!

A clean and uncluttered environment ensures that the focus stays on you. But don’t be afraid to personalize it with your favorite items:

  • Show off your book collection: Remove the book jackets to reveal the colorful spines or neatly stack them by color.
  • Accessorize with plants or flowers.
  • Display photos, artwork or travel memorabilia.


When possible, make the most of natural light. You can also position lamps right in front of you or off to the side by no more than 45 degrees. (If the light is overhead or directly behind you, it will cast a shadow over your face.) 

Some possible setups could include:

  • Facing a window
  • A desk lamp, light bar or ring light to the sides of you
  • An additional light source behind you, off camera, to add depth


By positioning your camera slightly above eye level, you eliminate an unwanted double chin and create a more flattering angle. You can even use books or boxes to stack your device, since no one will see them.

For that matter, remove any unnecessary clutter and place it out of sight behind your computer. While some setups work better in 2D than in real life, view your space on your computer screen to ensure the perfect look.

Design the perfect space for video conferencing – the right environment brings out your best!

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Upgrade Your Home Office

6 May

Upgrade Home Office1

Create A Space With Personality

Do you have a home office that’s an afterthought, provides function but has little thought Upgrade Home Office2to aesthetics? That happens to most of us at some point in our lives. Why not upgrade your home office into a personalized workspace that’s embellished with beautiful furniture, color, artwork and rugs?

A functional desk is key, as is a high-quality desk chair that’s the correct height and provides comfort. But don’t just focus on function. Shop for stylish furniture that makes you feel good to be in your home office and proud to show the room to others, so you don’t want to shut the door when friends and family come to visit.

Consider Your Functional Needs

Entertain these ideas in your home office redesign:

– Customization of the space for the tasks you want to complete there, whether it’s major Upgrade Home Office3desk work every day or just checking your email once in a while

– Good illumination that includes ambient lighting and task lighting at your desk

– Forward thinking about all the devices you need to accommodate, including computer(s), printer(s), charging stations, file cabinets and more

– A method to hide clutter and cords

The Result: A Room To Be Proud Of

More things to consider:

Upgrade Home Office4– Window fashions that block the glare on your computer and other devices

– Open shelving to display work-related memorabilia, as well as closed cabinets to store office necessities like paper and toner cartridges

Make your home office into a reflection of your personality this season. You may even want to change the name of your room to a study or library to make it sound more beautiful!

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Decorating with Bookshelves

30 Apr


Exhibit your treasures and reduce clutter

                                                                                                                                                                  A beautiful set of bookshelves is about so much more than just books! Bookshelves are a


Bookshelves add beauty and function.

design element that is both functional and decorative. They solve some of your storage issues and, at the same time, help you display decorative items, such as statuary, vases, flower arrangements, clocks, plants, photos and yes, even books!

Bookshelves are not just for a home office or library; they can be functional and add interest to almost any room of the house, from foyer to kitchen to bedroom and more.


How to Find the perfect bookshelves

Shelves come in almost any style, material, shape and color; some are closed in and others are open style. Bookshelves can be built in, customized to your space, or


Industrial bookshelves add a bit of grit to your room.

purchased as-is and set in place.

– A vintage bookshelf can add history to your décor.
– Industrial bookshelves add grit and an avant-garde feel.
– A French boulangerie creates a European feel.
– Totally modern neutral bookshelves blend into the background of your decorating style.

Tips for arranging your shelves

Consider these ideas to optimize the impact of your bookshelves:
– For a new take on arranging books, lay books horizontally or organize your books by


Arrange your books by color for added interest.

– Install bookshelves along a stairway or around windows or a door.
– If your bookshelves have a closed back, paint the back a contrasting color.
– Don’t pack your shelves too tightly; leaving empty space creates a cleaner look.
– Use a bookshelf as a room divider, either at waist height or full height.
– Don’t forget about bookends; some are interesting and fun.

Add appeal to the display of your prized possessions and clear up the clutter with a beautiful set of bookshelves.


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Bring Green Inside

22 Apr

Green inside1


Green inside2

Create a peaceful feeling

Green is a natural choice for home decorating. Found in the world’s forests, meadows
and gardens, it brings a feeling of the outdoors to the inside of your home.

For home decorating, you have so many choices in the green family, from rich and lush, and calm and serene, to bold and brilliant. Because green comes in so many shades, it’s a very flexible design color.

Just think of all the beautiful natural names for green hues: sage, lime, spring, forest, emerald, mint, fern, grass, avocado, jade, apple, celery and pistachio.

Naturally, you have lots of possibilities to add green to your décor, whether in small touches or major design elements:
– Painted walls and paint stenciling

Green inside3

Bring the outdoors inside

– Wallpaper
– Upholstery and drapery fabric
– Window coverings
– Bedding
– Painted wood furniture and kitchen cabinets
– Rugs and carpeting
– Lamps and light fixtures
– Accessories such as throw pillows, vases, and artwork
– Tile countertops and backsplashes

Green inside4

Finish with neutral colors

It’s usually best to stick with one or two shades of green, and use neutrals and other accents to finish your design plan.

Colors that work well with green tones include:
– White, gray and neutral beiges and creams
– Browns, camels and taupes
– Pinks, reds and salmon
– Small touches of blue, black, yellow or gold

Looking for a more natural feel in your home environment? Add green this season!

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