Decorating Tip of the Month- Sofa’s

14 Oct


In your living room or great room, the sofa is the star.

In many rooms, a sofa – or a grouping of sofas – is the focal point. Take care when you select a sofa, and your entire room will fall into place.
The fun part of selecting a sofa is finding the style and material you like. The most durable material is leather because leather actually looks better as it gets worn, while most fabrics just look tired as they get worn. Solid color materials are easier to decorate with, but patterns don’t show dirt as easily. Neutral colors are the safest choice, but selecting a bolder hue makes a statement and may better match your personality.  Also consider how much, and what type of use it will get- if you have rough and tumble children you may want to up the quality of the fabric used to a higher grade.

Sofas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a choice of arm and leg styles.
• The shape determines the overall feel of your sofa – some are soft and feminine, while others are tailored and modern. And there’s everything in between.
• Then there are the arms and the legs to consider. Several styles of sofa arms are available, and it’s the same with the legs. It’s best to check out all the choices when you shop to see what you like best.
• Size matters too – to make sure the sofa fits your room’s scale and allows plenty of room for movement. For a large room, consider a sectional or two sofas facing each other or placed at right angles.

No matter how great a sofa looks, its reason for being is comfort, durability and support. A strong frame is key – and usually hardwood is best. Soft cushions filled with down are inviting, but may make it difficult to get on and off the couch because your body just sinks in. Foam is supportive and less expensive, but not as luxurious. Often an in-between cushion choice – a foam core, with a down-filled cover – is just right.

Delux Drapery can help you with your custom furniture choices. We work with many vendors and would be happy to guide you in your selection.

Select the perfect sofa, and it will shine in its starring role in your living room or great room!

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