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Medallion Prints

29 Nov

Medallion prints are everywhere right now! it’s a traditional, yet modern pattern that can be used in so many ways, from pillow covers to drapery.

Jacklyn Smith and Trend have a short video showing how versatile this pattern can be

Medallion Print

Enjoy, and don’t forget you can see these prints in our showroom!

Thanksgiving Gratitude

25 Nov


As we approach the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday, we want to share our gratitude to all of you who read our blog, follow our blog or have commented on our blog.

Have a fun filled, family filled, tummy filled Holiday! Yummm!

Jacklyn Smith and Trend Fabrics On The Creation Of A Collection

22 Nov

Here is another short video on The Creation of A Collection with Jacklyn Smith and Trend Fabrics. Don’t forget we have this collection in our showroom!


Floral Crewel

Using Crystal and Glass In Your Home

18 Nov

 It’s clear that glass and crystal will make your home environment sparkle.

Your house will shine with just a touch of glass. Glass is a clean, fresh look that adds interest, without too much bling or glitter. Glass

The interesting thing about glass is that it almost disappears into a room to make the room seem more spacious and open, while it adds a beautiful design element that people do notice. Because light shines through most glass interior elements or light reflects back from light fixtures and the sun, glass home furnishings appear almost invisible and don’t seem to take up space. You can see your other interior design elements even more clearly; just think about a glass table sitting atop a beautiful rug. You can see the beauty of the rug much more clearly!

Chic and modern or traditional and elegant, glass works well in almost any space. And even though we think of glass as a clear element, lots of glass home fashions come in beautiful colors too.


In addition to popular glass-topped coffee tables or dining tables, think glass for:

  • Mosaic tiles in the guest bathroom or as a backsplash in the kitchen
  • Crystal chandeliers and glass lamps
  • Stained glass windows
  • Hurricane lanterns
  • Sea glass sculptures
  • Large glass jars or bottles to display treasures such as sea shells, pine cones, stones or fragrant potpourri
  • Glass countertops in the kitchen or bath – or a beautiful glass sink in the guest bathroom

Add a smattering of glass to your interior décor to make your house sparkle and appear larger. It’s a crystal clear choice.

The Importance of Lighting In Your Home

11 Nov

Light – and the light fixtures you select – bring
beauty to a room and its elements.

At the same time good lighting is essential for functionality. One type of lighting isn’t enough for most rooms; layering lighting and thoughtful placement will make your rooms look beautiful and work optimally.

1. Start with ambient lighting.Light-Fixture
Also called general lighting, this type of light washes over a room in a non-focused way – and even includes natural sunlight coming through the windows.

Ambient lighting includes ceiling light fixtures and chandeliers, lights on ceiling fans, track lighting and recessed ceiling lights that are not sharply directed, and torchiere lamps.

2. Add task lighting.
This is focused light that helps you see things you want to look at closely; for example, when you’re reading, sewing, shaving or applying make-up.
Task lighting includes table, floor and desk lamps; pendant light fixtures; track lighting and recessed ceiling lights that are somewhat sharply directed; under-cabinet kitchen lights; and wall-mounted bathroom fixtures near mirrors.

3. Finish with accent lighting.Lighting Also called mood lighting, this is the most specifically-aimed lighting, putting a spotlight on an area or object. Accent lighting can make all the difference in showing off an expensive piece of art or adding drama to an architectural feature. Think of accent lighting like a theatrical tool that draws attention to specific areas.

Accent lighting includes track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, can lights and uplights that are very sharply focused; picture lights; lighting in niches or inside cabinets; and even candlelight.
Planning effective lighting for your home is as easy as one, two three – ambient, task and accent. Follow these steps for layered lighting and your rooms will be beautiful and functional.

The Creation of A Collection- Episode #5

8 Nov

We found this documentary to be a really interesting insight into how fabrics are created, chosen and grouped.

We will post each episode for you to enjoy- they are short and fun to watch.

This episode is titled Jaclyn’s In The House

The Creation of a Collection- #5

Complementary Colors Add Energy To A Room

4 Nov

Complementary colors add energy to a room and, at the same time, make us feel complete.

Last week, we talked about the moods that can be evoked with the use of color in your home. This week, we will take a look at different ways to incorporate complementary colors into your decor to help everyone feel more at home!

We’ve always heard that opposites attract, and nothing could be more true about interior decorating colors. Using opposite colors (also known as complementary colors) adds energy to a room, yet at the same time, makes us feel comfortable and calm.CompColors

For some reason, colors that are opposite on the color wheel look fabulous when they’re used together. We even see these complementary color duos in nature: golden sand next to the blue sky and sea, vibrant red roses with bright green leaves, and petite pansies with violet and yellow petals.

You can decorate without thinking about complementary colors, and the result will be just fine, but adding a small touch of complementary colors to a neutral scheme will add passion and interest. You can start with interior elements that don’t require a huge risk: one painted wall, sofa pillows, throws, flower arrangements or upholstered chair pads. Then ratchet up your color scheme with larger items like upholstery fabrics, rugs and window fashions.CompColors3

You don’t have to use colors that are exactly across the color wheel to get the advantage of this dynamic duo, or go with the boldest of these hues. Think about softer tones that are “almost opposites” like:
• Sky blue and terra cotta
• Pastel pink and acid green
• Burnt orange and sage green
• Soft aqua blue and tomato red
• The lightest butter yellow with deep purple

Try using complementary colors to complete your home design. You’ll find that opposites do attract!

The Creation Of A Collection- Episode #4

1 Nov

We found this documentary to be a really interesting insight into how fabrics are created, chosen and grouped.

We will post each episode for you to enjoy- they are short and fun to watch.

Episode #4 is called “Everything’s Woven”

The Creation Of A Collection- Episode #4

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