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Coffee Tables Add Interest and Focal Points

21 Nov

Thinking Outside the Box When You Select a Coffee Table Will Add Drama to Your table1

An unusual coffee table creates interest and a focal point.
Coffee tables are often an afterthought in interior design, yet they provide an important anchor in most rooms. The coffee table is often the first object people “see” when they enter a room, so it’s an opportunity to make a statement. And it’s important that your coffee table is in scale with your sofas or sectional – and the size of the room itself.

Add personality when you select a coffee table.
Think outside the typical square or rectangular shape made out of wood or metal. Consider a circular or oval table – or even a hexagonal or kidney-shape.
Take a lookcoffee table2 at alternative materials such as mirrored surfaces, glass, fabric or stone.
You can even use a beautiful old trunk or an ottoman with a tray on top as your coffee table.

Before you select a coffee table, consider how you want it to function.
If you want to display a collection of your favorite objects or books, make sure your coffee table is large enough to accommodate these items.

If you want flexibility to move the table on occasion, don’t select a heavy marble or glass table. Think about using two or three smaller tables that are lightweight.

coffee table3If you want your room to appear larger, think about a mirrored surface. Or select a glass table that won’t hide a beautiful rug or floor.

If you want to serve food or drinks on the table, select a durable surface that can’t be easily damaged. If you have children or seniors living with you or visiting often, avoid sharp corners.

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18 Nov

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Fireplace warmth and style

14 Nov

Get ready to enjoy the cool winter months in front of a warm fire with family and friends.

The weather is cooling, and we’re all spending more times indoors. What a good time to refresh the fireplace, mantle and everything surrounding it.

A fireplace provides more than just fireplace2physical heat; it adds emotional warmth and ambiance. Your hearth-side experience can become the focal point of your entire house, whether your home is traditional or modern, formal or casual!

There are so many ways to make your fireplace area beautiful – and functional too, from the style and material of the fireplace and chimney to the design of the mantel and hearth, and even the décor and furniture near your fireplace.
Select stone, tile, brick, paint – the choices for materials are almost unlimited.

Purchase an antique wood or stone carved mantel and surround for a unique look.fireplace3

Don’t have a mantle at all! A fireplace can look beautiful with the brick, wood or stone extending to the ceiling.
Hang a mirror or beautiful piece of art over the mantel – or even your flat screen TV! You can even have your TV installed behind a remote-controlled piece of artwork.fireplace1

Add a unique fireplace screen for function and beauty.

Place big comfortable chairs near the fireplace or low ottomans for relaxing and warming up.

In the summer months, adorn the inside or edges of your fireplace with live or artificial plants or a beautiful “garden” of candles.

One of the biggest ways to change the look of a room is to redo your fireplace. Focus on your fireplace this fall and soon you’ll be basking in the glow of a beautiful hearth-side experience.

Fall Is the Perfect Time to Focus on Your Fireplace.
November 2014

Pink Is The New Black

4 Nov

Pink1 pink2 Pink3

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Did You Know?
Pink is the New Black.

In interior design, just as in fashion these days, pink is heating up to become almost as popular as black!
Get in the pink this year with interior design embellishments in your home. And don’t worry, pink doesn’t have to be girly, childish or frilly. It can be sophisticated, modern and luxurious too.

Pink lets you have it any way you’d like. Just think of the variety of pink hues available, including raspberry, dusty rose, bubble gum, pink grapefruit, cotton candy, fuchsia and shrimp.

Pink has been called the color of happiness and it often communicates romance. But the mood you create all depends on the shade of pink you select. Vibrant hot pinks add passion and energy, while the lightest shades of pink bring a feeling of softness and calm. Middle tones are refreshing and feminine. Best of all, pink hues in interior design make most people’s complexions look healthy, young and rosy because they add a soft glow to a room!

Consider these points when you decorate with pink.
Pink plays well with many shades of green, including sage, lime and forest green, since pink and green are almost opposites on the color wheel. Pink is beautiful when paired with black, white, cream, grey, brown, gold, silver and red.
In a really light hue, pink can even act as a neutral instead of ivory or beige, especially if a pink paint is mixed with beige or ivory to become a soft shadow of pink. Pink is perfect for a small space, such as an accent wall or powder room.
Not sure how you’ll like pink? Try it for slip covers, throw pillows or bed linens to get started. Add a touch of this versatile color to your decor this fall. You and your guests will be tickled pink!

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