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Decorate In Groups Of Three For An Engaging And Sophisticated Look

25 Feb

Decorate in groups of three for an engaging and sophisticated look.Groupsof3-2
There’s something about items grouped in threes that make your decor fresh and appealing.
Philosophers, architects and writers have always talked about the magic of the number three. The rule of three states that when objects or ideas are presented in groups of three, they’re more memorable and more appealing. The rule of three applies equally to home decorating, whether it’s furniture, accessories or collections on display – even the number of windows on a wall when you remodel.

Think three for:
• Throw pillows
• Paintings hanging on a wall – aligned vertically or horizontally
• Family photographs sitting on a bureau or table
• Candles displayed on a mantleGroupsof3-3
• Vases or jars on a coffee table or console
• The number of cushions on your sofa
• Lighting sources in a room
• Even small ottomans
Groupsof3-1Take a look around your home today to find items you can re-arrange to create a collection of three. Arrangements can be formal, with identically sized items that are cleanly aligned. Collections can also be informally arranged, with objects that vary in size and height. Even items as simple as kitchen canisters, coffee table books, small candles and house plants can be arranged in groups of three for a pleasing effect.

Think three for your home accessorizing. It’s a magical way to make your rooms look more sophisticated and complete.


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A Breath of Fresh Air

20 Feb

A Breath of Fresh Air

Did you know that Americans spend about 90% of their lives indoors?

Whether it’s home, work, or a vehicle, we are stuck inside a lot.  Homes used to be more open to the outdoors.  Now we close up and insulate, which is great for warmth but not for air quality.  It’s like living in a plastic food container, it will only keep fresh for so long.  We go through a lot of work sealing the windows with plastic, FreshAir1investing in honeycomb shades and piling on blankets at night to stay warm and healthy.  However, there is a benefit to opening up your windows for 20 minutes a day, even in winter.

You need clean, fresh air for your lungs.  You don’t always notice how stuffy your home is until you walk in from outside.  Most of the time, you can smell the difference.  Many may argue that they live in the city where the air isn’t fresh or clean.  So they keep their home sealed up and invest in an air purifier.  Which is good, just make sure to change the filter frequently.

But opening a window will help circulate stale air out and bring oxygen in.  In fact, when the house is airtight, there are higher levels of carbon dioxide which can lead to headaches and fatigue.  When you open the window, you let fresh oxygen in, not the FreshAir2rancid oxygen being breathed over and over.  If you’re concerned about wasting money on the thermostat, turn off the heat and open your windows during the late morning so you get the best advantage of the sun to warm the space. You also can turn the ceiling fan to move in reverse, sometimes called the winter setting, which helps circulate warm air down.

Some worry that the cold air will get them sick.  But we have learned that it is not being cold that makes us catch cold.  It’s a virus.  And again, where do we spend almost all of our time?  Inside.  You are harboring more bacteria by keeping the home closed up than opening a window.

With that being said, open your windows!

Adding an Asian Touch Will Energize Your Decor.

18 Feb

Adding an Asian Touch Will Energize Your Decor.
Asian design can be neutral and calm – or ornate and colorful.
AsianPhoto2Many people think of Asian home design elements as simply Chinese rugs and Japanese screens. But there’s so much more. The continent also includes the countries and cultures of Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, and South Asia, primarily India.
These countries have both an ancient design aesthetic and a growing 21st century vibe. Today’s Asian design elements range from simple, monochromatic pieces to wildly patterned and colored designs.
bonsai-tree-3previewYou can start small with an ornamental bonsai tree, beautiful celadon dishware, painted lacquer ware or ceramic vases in many shapes and sizes. Or go bigger with a folding screen that acts as a divider between rooms, an accent piece sitting in the corner of a room, or a piece of wall art.

Japanese and Chinese ceramic stools are readily available, both in new versions and antiques, and add a beautiful Asian touch in your home or garden – to provide extra seating or a place to set a drink or snack.
Asian wall art offers so many possibilities, including ornately carved wood panels, landscape murals painted on silk, and wall hangings painted with calligraphy. And on the floor, there’s the possibility of oriental rugs, tatami mats and bamboo flooring.AsianPhoto1
Antique Asian furniture from almost all of the continent is fascinating, often with a blend of Asian design and European colonial influence. And in many countries, artisans are making new furniture out of recycled wood that originally adorned temples and houses.
Introduce a unique and beautiful element to your home décor this season by adding an Asian element – or two!


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Paint Color Can Make the Difference Between Drab and Dramatic

11 Feb

PaintColor3Paint Color Can Make the Difference
Between Drab and Dramatic
Paint is often viewed as a neutral background to a room, upon which the interesting elements are layered. Typically, people select a complementary neutral beige color to go with their other furnishings. This can be an effective strategy for interior design, but there’s more to paint than just a background.
Paint can add passion to a room, and be a focal point in itself. Painting is a reasonably priced way, not just to refurbish or update a room, but to make it spectacular. And, best of all, if you make a mistake and don’t like how it turns out, it’s not that expensive to change. So you don’t have to be timid when selecting paint colors!
Here are a few tips to help you feel brave when selecting paint colors for your home interior:
PaintColor2• Because paint colors appear different at different times of day and with varying amounts of sunlight, always paint a test section on the wall and take a look often, both during the day and night – and on days that are both sunny and cloudy. Try lots of colors!
• If you really like a color, but you fear it’s just a bit too bold or bright, ask the paint store to tone it down by about 25 percent.
• If you’re feeling timid, go with mostly neutral colors on your walls, and add a burst of bolder color on just one wall or in just one small room, such as a powder room.PaintColor1
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Adding a painted piece of furniture is a refreshing surprise

4 Feb

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