Paint Color Can Make the Difference Between Drab and Dramatic

11 Feb

PaintColor3Paint Color Can Make the Difference
Between Drab and Dramatic
Paint is often viewed as a neutral background to a room, upon which the interesting elements are layered. Typically, people select a complementary neutral beige color to go with their other furnishings. This can be an effective strategy for interior design, but there’s more to paint than just a background.
Paint can add passion to a room, and be a focal point in itself. Painting is a reasonably priced way, not just to refurbish or update a room, but to make it spectacular. And, best of all, if you make a mistake and don’t like how it turns out, it’s not that expensive to change. So you don’t have to be timid when selecting paint colors!
Here are a few tips to help you feel brave when selecting paint colors for your home interior:
PaintColor2• Because paint colors appear different at different times of day and with varying amounts of sunlight, always paint a test section on the wall and take a look often, both during the day and night – and on days that are both sunny and cloudy. Try lots of colors!
• If you really like a color, but you fear it’s just a bit too bold or bright, ask the paint store to tone it down by about 25 percent.
• If you’re feeling timid, go with mostly neutral colors on your walls, and add a burst of bolder color on just one wall or in just one small room, such as a powder room.PaintColor1

Also consider the paint color for your ceiling. Experts say that you probably don’t want to paint your ceiling a stark white. It’s much better to go with a light color that has a cream, ivory or beige tone – or you can select a white hue with just a tiny bit of the wall color in it. This can calm a room and make a smooth transition from the wall to ceiling color.
Make your interior pop with just the right paint colors!

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