Decorate In Groups Of Three For An Engaging And Sophisticated Look

25 Feb

Decorate in groups of three for an engaging and sophisticated look.Groupsof3-2
There’s something about items grouped in threes that make your decor fresh and appealing.
Philosophers, architects and writers have always talked about the magic of the number three. The rule of three states that when objects or ideas are presented in groups of three, they’re more memorable and more appealing. The rule of three applies equally to home decorating, whether it’s furniture, accessories or collections on display – even the number of windows on a wall when you remodel.

Think three for:
• Throw pillows
• Paintings hanging on a wall – aligned vertically or horizontally
• Family photographs sitting on a bureau or table
• Candles displayed on a mantleGroupsof3-3
• Vases or jars on a coffee table or console
• The number of cushions on your sofa
• Lighting sources in a room
• Even small ottomans
Groupsof3-1Take a look around your home today to find items you can re-arrange to create a collection of three. Arrangements can be formal, with identically sized items that are cleanly aligned. Collections can also be informally arranged, with objects that vary in size and height. Even items as simple as kitchen canisters, coffee table books, small candles and house plants can be arranged in groups of three for a pleasing effect.

Think three for your home accessorizing. It’s a magical way to make your rooms look more sophisticated and complete.


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