Print, Pattern, Colors All In One Room? Part Two.

8 Apr

Mix It Up Like A Pro (pt. 2)

Still have some questions about mixing prints and patterns?  In the previous blog, we gave some good ideas on how to get started.  Part 2, is about the specifics.

Part 2: Fabric Hacks

Fabric Feel/Balance

            Personality of fabric is something to consider.  What do you want to portray in your room.  Is it formal or casual?  Modern or traditional?   Fabrics will represent these qualities.  Damask is commonly considered formal and traditional and you can pile those types of prints on top of each other.  A plaid can be mixed with any other pattern to tone down a room to give a more casual feel.  Also, make sure to spread pattern throughout the room not just one corner or side.  This balance will help secure what kind of feel the room is supposed to have.

Cheat With Companions

            Many companies have companion fabrics already picked for coordinating.  Even if you don’t find “the” set, you can get a good idea on how to mix.

Neutral Prints

There are some basic prints that you can put with anything.  Polka dots are one of them.  A simple black and white polka dot is a great way to introduce pattern without conflicting with colored patterns.  A few other options would include neutral, simple animal prints, like zebra or leopard, or a chevron or houndstooth.

Don’t Go Matchy-Matchy

Don’t go for all stripes in all the same colors.  Ever heard of too much of a good thing?  Well it applies here too.  Pick one or two of a print, be it stripes or floral or whatever, and find other contrasting prints to complement it.  Also, if you are going with a single color space or a white and color space,as mentioned in our last blog, find an accent color so it’s not so overwhelming.  Looking at the color wheel, pick the complementary color across from your main color to use in accessories like a lamp or vase.

So now you have some tools to mix it up like a pro.  Go out and make your home a snazzy, sophisticated place to be!

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