Lighting Can Make All The Difference

29 Apr

Light – and the light fixtures you select – bring beauty to a room and its elements.Lighting3

At the same time good lighting is essential for functionality. One type of lighting isn’t enough for most rooms; layering lighting and thoughtful placement will make your rooms look beautiful and work optimally.

1. Start with ambient lighting.
Also called general lighting, this type of light washes over a room in a non-focused way – and even includes natural sunlight coming through the windows.
Ambient lighting includes ceiling light fixtures and chandeliers, lights on ceiling fans, track lighting and recessed ceiling lights that are not sharply directed, and torchiere lamps.

2. Add task lighting.
Lighting2This is focused light that helps you see things you want to look at closely; for example, when you’re reading, sewing, shaving or applying make-up.
Task lighting includes table, floor and desk lamps; pendant light fixtures; track lighting and recessed ceiling lights that are somewhat sharply directed; under-cabinet kitchen lights; and wall-mounted bathroom fixtures near mirrors.

3. Finish with accent lighting.
Also called mood lighting, this is the most specifically-aimed lighting, putting a spotlight on an area or object. Accent lighting can make all the difference in showing off an expensive piece of art or adding drama to an architectural feature. Think of accent lighting like a theatrical tool that draws attention to specific areas.
Accent lighting includes track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, can lights and uplights that are very sharply focused; Lighting1picture lights; lighting in niches or inside cabinets; and even candlelight.

Planning efective lighting for your home is as easy as one, two three – ambient, task and accent. Follow these steps for layered lighting and your rooms will be beautiful and functional.


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