Don’t Let the Summer Sun Keep You Inside

13 May

Aristocrat Awnings

Don’t Let the Summer Sun Keep You Inside

With spring here, it’s easy to start daydreaming about summer. We all love spending afternoons outside with kids playing, having the annual 4th of July party, or watching the sun set after a long summer day…let’s face it-we want to be outside as much as possible come May. Now, how do we enjoy the sun and stay protected at the same time? This is when you might want to consider getting an awning.


Stationary Awnings

Awnings help create usable space outside that can be enjoyed on hot,
sunny days. The main reason to get an awning is fairly obvious; protection from UV rays. UV rays can be harmful to both our skin and outdoor furniture. When put over a window, they can prevent fading of our indoor furniture and flooring as well, and cut cooling costs inside during the summer. Awnings can also be a beautiful way to decorate your deck as there is a large assortment of colors, prints and styles to choose from, allowing your personality to shine through.
Shopping for an awning may be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what to
look for. After all, it’s not something you buy every year. First step is to decide which type: retractable or fixed. There are benefits to both so look at what falls under your needs.

Pros for a retractable awning
1. For climates that experience heavy wind and rainfall
2. Manual or automatic
3. Sensor automatically retracts when inclement weather starts
4. Can last longer due to avoiding bad weather

Pros for a non-retractable awning
1. Less Expensive
2. Can be a permanent architectural feature
3. More design options in shape
4. Less maintenance/no repairs for a sensor


Retractable Awnings

After that decision, it’s all about style. Sunbrella makes a fabulous line of
fabric specifically designed for outdoor use that is resistant to fading.
So start enjoying your deck this summer by getting an awning. You will
love the flexibility of being outdoors more, even in the bright afternoon sun.

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