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Add Animal Accents For a Fun Conversation Piece

25 Nov

Animal accents bring a wild touch of the outdoors into your home.animalaccent3
… And an unexpected splash of interest.
Bring a little wildlife from outdoors into your home with animal accents! Animal home accents include rugs, upholstery or drapery fabric, wall coverings, animal and bird prints, and more. Just one animal print in a room can become the engaging focal point!
Very popular right now are leopard and zebra print rugs. Or go outside the box with a pattern that depicts antelope, cheetah, tiger or giraffe. Animal print rugs are especially effective in small spaces, such as stairways, powder rooms or foyers – and these small rooms are a good place to start if you’re feeling nervous about adding a large amount of animal accents to your home. You can even buy animal print rugs in colors that aren’t realistic at all, such as a magenta and black striped zebra rug!animalaccent1
Animal wall art can include:

  • The famous Audubon prints or similar etchings or block prints of birds and animals
  • Photographs of animals that you take yourself or purchase
  • Even a stencil border that shows birds in flight or animals running or grazing

animalaccent2For sculptural animal art, think a decorative bird cage that can be empty, filled with plants or even housing a live bird! Sculptural animal art can sit on floors, tables or mantels, and can be made from a variety of materials including metal, ceramic, stone or Lucite.
Especially popular in home design today are Japanese and Chinese painted screens that depict birds or animals. These can be hung on a wall or used functionally as a partial room divider.
Take a walk on the wild side by adding a touch of animal prints to your home! We can help.

Decorating with purple can add passion to your home – and maybe to your life!

18 Nov

You can choose from so many shades of this beautiful color.

Purple includes a wide range of colors. From the lightest, soft lilac to bold and bright violet – and everything in Puple1between. The color names for various shades of purple speak to its range – including amethyst, eggplant, blackberry, lavender, orchid, periwinkle, cabernet and plum.
Purple is surprisingly flexible.

  • Purple goes well with many decorating styles from the most traditional to the most contemporary.
  • Purple teams beautifully with many neutrals, including cream, light gray, white, eggshell, brown and black.
  • Accents that work well include blue, aqua, ocher, teal, spring green and yellow.
  • You can even add just a touch of purple to a neutral paint color, so the finishing result seems like beige or cream or light gray, yet has an extra pizazz!

purple2Purple can add a quirky or whimsical touch, and we all know that traditionally it’s a rich and royal color that can add sophistication and luxury to your home décor. Depending on the shade of purple you select, you can create a variety of feelings from soft and soothing to vibrant and magical.
If you’re nervous about adding such a passionate color to your home, think small. Throw pillows, a small upholstered chair, table linens, flowers, plants, paint on a small accent wall, or wallpaper in a powder room or guest bedroom.
Be bold and add your favorite shade of purple to your home décor. It will add passion to your home.purple3

Adding a Beautiful Wreath Will Round Out Your Decorating Style

4 Nov

Wreaths can last all year long; they’re not just for the holidays.Wreath3

Many of us think of wreaths as decorative elements only for the December holidays or for Thanksgiving, but the fact is that a decorative wreath – depending on its style – can add a beautiful touch to your home all year long.

Many wreaths are designed for holiday use in their colors and materials, including glimmery gold and silver accents and bright, shiny ornaments. Others incorporate non-holiday elements, such as

nuts, seeds, sea shells, pine cones, non-holiday themed greenery and more. Also for non-holiday use, think citrus leaves, flowers and fruit.

Wreaths are not just a visual design element. They can add a scrumptious aroma to your home too! For the holidays consider traditional fir and pine. For all year long, think bay leaves, sage, cinnamon, rosemary and chili peppers.

And wreaths can be hung just about everywhere, not just on a front door! This includes walls, windows, above fireplaces, even on a mirror in your powder room! Of course, hanging a wreath on the front door during the holidays is the perfect way to get your guests into the holiday spirit before they even come into your house!

Do you have an unusual space where you want to hang a wreath? Wreaths don’t have to be perfectly round.

Sometimes they’re oval, square or rectangular, and that shape can add a unique decorative element to your home.

Add a beautiful wreath to your home this season – for now and into the coming year.


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