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Pillows Can Add Interest and Style to Your Decor

27 Apr

Pillow Talk

Pillows2Seasons change and so does our mood; When spring approaches you feel like your soul is craving colors, and fun, floral, exciting patterns. And when fall comes, we tend to look for cozier neutrals and reds. So instead of changing a whole room or switching furniture to give the room a makeover, try switching or adding throw pillows and cushions every season to add more pizazz and fun to a room. A Pillow or a cushion is a versatile accessory that comes in endless styles, colors, and patterns. But keep in mind that having too many pillows can end up resulting not only in adding discomfort, but also a distraction in the decoration. So here are some tips that will help you incorporate a new element in the room:

  1. You can start by picking a color or colors
  2. opposites attract so don’t be afraid of adding a completely different color to a room
  3. Don’t be afraid to put different patterns together – Or you can simply stick to the one pattern, one solid theme
  4. For Smooth surfaces, we suggest adding textures for a more interesting look
  5. Mix in different shapes and sizes of pillows together to add dimension, but don’t overdo it
  6. Choose between an even number or an odd number arrangement depending on the style of roomPillows1

It’s not all about the arrangement of color choice or number of pillows that you might want to consider, but also the style and trim of pillows. here are some styles to choose from:

  1. knife edge pillow: the simplest of them all, which has the tapered, polished look
  2. self-welted pillow: it’s basically a knife edge with a banding of the same fabric around it
  3. ShowcaseHome1websiteTurkish corner pillow which is also known as the pleated corner pillow. And although this style tends to be more traditional, it can easily be incorporated into a more contemporary or modern style by choosing appropriate fabrics
  4. embellished pillow: finally, the funnest of them all. You can choose to embellish your pillow by adding a colorful cord, fringe, tassel fringe, or lace
  5. Also, you can add a personal touch to your pillow, like a photo, handmade applique, or a monogram

And after you and your pillows have taken the journey together, let them be the storyteller.

Colored glass can light up your home!

13 Apr

This beautiful design element attracts more attention than clear glass and can change the mood in a room.Clear Glass3

When most of us think of glass objects, whether they’re for interior design or not, we think of clear materials. And most of us think of glass as an invisible part of our décor.

Colored glass can add light, reflection and sparkle to your home plan, all because of how sunlight or your own interior lighting interacts with the surfaces.

Clear Glass1


Stained glass windows are an obvious choice. They’ve been popular for many centuries, bringing brightly colored light into ancient castles, homes and religious buildings. Stained glass can add vintage style to your home or create a touch that’s modern to the max. And stained glass can be custom designed for the exact size and shape of your windows to provide a truly unique design element.

If you’re not up for stained glass, consider using window glass with a soft violet, golden or green hue to soften the quality of light coming in, especially in rooms that get a lot of sun or in powder rooms, entries and hallways.
Think outside the window! Colored glass can be used for so much more than just windows, including:

  • Coffee tables and dining tablesClear Glass2
  • Chandeliers
  • Lamps
  • A display of glass vases, bowls, bottles or figurines
  • Colored glass crystals on the floor of your fireplace
  • Tile and floor accents
  • Even wind chimes, garden sculpture and tile in the garden



Colored glass is the clear choice for a design update this year. It adds touches of light and sparkle to your interior décor!

Choosing beautiful fabrics can make a material change in your decor.

6 Apr

Fabric1Wise fabric choices can inspire your entire decorating plan.

Fabrics are used on so many surfaces in most homes. In fact, fabric is one of the most important elements as you make your interior design plans. Fabrics even set the mood for a room and influence the way you feel.

The sheer number of fabric choices can be intimidating; that’s why it’s helpful to work with a professional.

Natural fabrics include cotton, leather, linen, silk, suede and wool, while synthetics include acetate, acrylic, microfiber, nylon, olefin, polyester, rayon and vinyl. Synthetics tend to be more durable than natural fibers, but not always. A lot depends on the finish applied to a fabric or the weave that’s used, as much as the inherent fabric itself.

The most obvious initial decisions are:

  • Fabric color family
  • Whether fabric is solid color or has a pattern
  • Fabric texture and weave
  • Whether fabric is woven, crocheted, knit or pressed

Select fabric first for beauty since the look of your home is paramount, but also consider how your fabric will be usedFabric3 so you’ll be happy with your decision over the long term. For example, fabrics that are optimal for a heavily-used great room sofa will be quite different than those for a seldom-used decorative chair in your entry. Always think about durability and stain resistance if you have pets or children. Also consider how much damaging sunlight enters a room.

Your fabric choices create the underpinning of your interior design plan and are critical to the beauty of your rooms. Consider fabrics carefully and get professional advice before you buy.

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