Pillows Can Add Interest and Style to Your Decor

27 Apr

Pillow Talk

Pillows2Seasons change and so does our mood; When spring approaches you feel like your soul is craving colors, and fun, floral, exciting patterns. And when fall comes, we tend to look for cozier neutrals and reds. So instead of changing a whole room or switching furniture to give the room a makeover, try switching or adding throw pillows and cushions every season to add more pizazz and fun to a room. A Pillow or a cushion is a versatile accessory that comes in endless styles, colors, and patterns. But keep in mind that having too many pillows can end up resulting not only in adding discomfort, but also a distraction in the decoration. So here are some tips that will help you incorporate a new element in the room:

  1. You can start by picking a color or colors
  2. opposites attract so don’t be afraid of adding a completely different color to a room
  3. Don’t be afraid to put different patterns together – Or you can simply stick to the one pattern, one solid theme
  4. For Smooth surfaces, we suggest adding textures for a more interesting look
  5. Mix in different shapes and sizes of pillows together to add dimension, but don’t overdo it
  6. Choose between an even number or an odd number arrangement depending on the style of roomPillows1

It’s not all about the arrangement of color choice or number of pillows that you might want to consider, but also the style and trim of pillows. here are some styles to choose from:

  1. knife edge pillow: the simplest of them all, which has the tapered, polished look
  2. self-welted pillow: it’s basically a knife edge with a banding of the same fabric around it
  3. ShowcaseHome1websiteTurkish corner pillow which is also known as the pleated corner pillow. And although this style tends to be more traditional, it can easily be incorporated into a more contemporary or modern style by choosing appropriate fabrics
  4. embellished pillow: finally, the funnest of them all. You can choose to embellish your pillow by adding a colorful cord, fringe, tassel fringe, or lace
  5. Also, you can add a personal touch to your pillow, like a photo, handmade applique, or a monogram

And after you and your pillows have taken the journey together, let them be the storyteller.



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