Masculine Style In Honor of Father’s Day

16 Jun

In honor of Father’s Day, we thought we’d choose a subject fathers can relate to, which is masculine interior design. Masculine1But for the non-fathers, and non-males out there, we got you covered too. Even though masculine style in interior design is mostly associated with males, it’s definitely not exclusive to them (sorry, guys!); Masculine style can be used in any home, whether it be a bachelor pad, family home, or even singles crib.masculine4
Everyone thinks choosing to go with a masculine style for a space means staying away from anything fashionable or festive. Which is not entirely true, because it can definitely be elegant and classy. All it takes is just a little research and thinking outside the box.

So here are some elements to consider if you’d like to achieve the masculine look in your space:

  • Choose from certain color palettes & darker tones, like black, browns, grays, and navy blues for the walls.
  • Neutrals are a great option too.
  • Look for furniture with sleek and clean lines.
  • Add some minimalistic & simple home accessories.
  • Throw a leathery element in there as well.
  • Pick dark solid wood, from ceilings to floors, to everything else in between. Well, we mean at least one of them.

Having a masculine vibe doesn’t make a space less inviting or appealing, even when dark colors are used on the Masculine2walls. balanced with enough light or lighter ceiling color, darker walls can be inviting, especially if we choose to add some gloss as well. Adding Gold or silver accents can add some interest as well in a space. Also, if you want to add a bright color, like orange, red, or green, don’t be afraid to do so. And lastly if you’d like to add a surprising element, add Animal everything; Prints, Hyde, even dead animals can be interesting to add to a masculine room.

masculine3We definitely don’t claim to have any expertise on gender, but in interior design, this is what we’ve seen throughout the years or what seems to be defined as masculine. So gender aside, we wish you a happy father’s day. And we hope this served in helping you understand what is widely known as the masculine style.

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