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Medallion Prints

29 Nov

Medallion prints are everywhere right now! it’s a traditional, yet modern pattern that can be used in so many ways, from pillow covers to drapery.

Jacklyn Smith and Trend have a short video showing how versatile this pattern can be

Medallion Print

Enjoy, and don’t forget you can see these prints in our showroom!

Jacklyn Smith and Trend Fabrics On The Creation Of A Collection

22 Nov

Here is another short video on The Creation of A Collection with Jacklyn Smith and Trend Fabrics. Don’t forget we have this collection in our showroom!


Floral Crewel

The Creation of A Collection- Episode #5

8 Nov

We found this documentary to be a really interesting insight into how fabrics are created, chosen and grouped.

We will post each episode for you to enjoy- they are short and fun to watch.

This episode is titled Jaclyn’s In The House

The Creation of a Collection- #5

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