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Brass Is Back!

24 Jan

Add warmth to your décor with the new look of brass.

In recent years, metallic finishes have come more into style for interior design, and believe it or not, brass is popular again as a home decorating choice. The shiny, lacquered brass that was in favor a generation ago has been replaced by a gentler version of brass.

Today’s most popular brass finishes are soft with a bit of patina. Its warm sheen can make a room seem livelier and, at the same time, mellow and cozy.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which makes it very strong, and it won’t rust! The actual color of brass is similar to gold, so brass used in non-metallic surfaces such as fabrics often looks the same as gold.

Think about using brass for:

  • Light fixtures and lamps
  • Picture and mirror frames
  • Plumbing fixtures and drawer handles
  • The backsplash for a bar, bookshelf or kitchen counter
  • Occasional tables
  • Urns and vases
  • Trays and chargers
  • Drapery rods
  • Even a brass bed

Brass pairs well with lots of colors, including cream, white, gray, forest green, Indian red, and almost any shade of blue. Brass even goes well with other metals, including copper, chrome, stainless steel and nickel.

Add brass to your décor this season. It’s a showy addition that will bring warmth to your home environment.




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Modern Art Adds a Focal Point and Conversational Interest

11 Jan


Modern art adds a focal point and conversational interest.

modernart2Art in any style is a welcome enhancement to a home. In addition to adding beauty, a piece of modern art can create drama, interest and emotion in a room. The colors, shapes, brushstrokes and composition evoke a feeling, with their movement, energy and form.

Often people add art as the finishing touch to a room. Another very effective design strategy is to start and color around it.

Modern art can be created in any medium, in most any size and shape. It can be calming or energizing, monochromatic or brimming with color.modernart3
When we think about art for our homes, we tend to think about wall art – flat art painted with watercolors, oil paint or acrylics, and most often we hang art on a wall above the sofa or fireplace. There’s so much more to modern art, including sculpture, collage, found objects, ceramics, and glass.
The most prominent piece of modern art in a room can be something we don’t even think of as art – such as a sculptural chair, a dramatic rug, a striking chandelier or an unusual coffee table.


modernart4Focus your rooms with a piece of modern art this season. It will reflect your personality and pull a room together beautifully.





For more ideas or for help with your next design project, please contact the team at Delux Drapery & Shade Co

Eclecticism or Hodge Podge?

2 Dec

eclecticism1Have you ever been limited and confused as to what style you’d like to choose for a room in your house? Do you have an item that doesn’t quite fit in with all the other furniture?  That’s where you can get creative with eclecticism.

Eclecticism is characterized by an almost a total freedom of choice among historical styles. There are no specific rules established to decorate with an eclectic style, but according to Cruzine  eclectic style is a combination of styles in order to design an environment, which would have a great look, artistic taste, and a specific connective element, which would make the whole design look as one piece of work.

eclecticism6Grouping suggestions could be: different carpet styles mixed with an elegant classical chair in the living room; a sofa with a straw mat or an animal skin; colorful cushions in combination with a modern sofa; a table with chairs in different styles. By choosing eclecticism, you might also be able to put up those souvenirs from your travels, or a sentimental item that you’ve been holding on to not knowing how to display it. You’ll be able to add vibrant colors to a classic styled space and it will also give you the opportunity to mix between the styles of the west and the east.eclecticism2

There are many exciting and interesting ideas on how to collaborate your favorite pieces. Eclecticism can incorporate all the things you love. Do a Google search for eclecticism in interior design and you’ll find many incredible examples and inspirations.


Decorate in twos

8 Jul

With many home furnishings, two is better than one, and more than doubles the beauty in a room.Two is better1

It’s easy: just add one home furnishing element, such as a throw pillow, picture or chair; then repeat.
Pairs add a sense of symmetry, balance and organization to a space, which engages the eye and calms the soul. Pairs can make us feel at ease and stable.
Pairs don’t need to be exactly the same or perfectly balanced in their Two is better2placement. Often the design works best when two items are a little bit different, such as identical armchairs with coordinating, but not matching, fabric or two pieces of wall art that are the same size and framed the same, but with different images.
Interior design elements that lend themselves to pairing include:
• Furniture, such as chairs, ottomans, end tables, even sofas
• Throw pillows and decorative towels
• Artwork hanging on walls or standing on tables
• Mirrors, lamps and light fixtures
Two is better3

Pairs add flexibility too. You can easily move them to change the function of a room for a party or other event. And if you buy new furniture, a pair of items is easier to re-arrange in the same room or settle harmoniously into another room. Even when you move, pairs of home elements are more flexible to fit into a new house and new decor.
The pairing concept can be applied to colors too. Selecting a color palette for your home with two complementary colors is an effective decorating strategy.

For example:

  • Brown and Ivory
  • Indian Red and Sage Green
  • Black and White
  • Chocolate Brown and Powder Blue

Let’s sum it up. One plus one is more than two in home fashions. Decorating in pairs makes a beautiful design statement.



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Sculpture in Your Home

24 Jun

Placing sculpture in your home is a solid design choice.

This standing art form adds weight to your home decor and a beautiful focal point.Sculptures3
Sculpture may seem like an unusual topic for decorating the inside of your home since we most often think of statues as dramatic decorative items outdoors or in commercial buildings and museums. But think of some of the home interiors that you’ve found to be most dramatic and beautiful. Chances are they included a sculpture of some kind.
Sculpture adds a unique and memorable touch to your home. Statuary can be small, medium or large, and can sit on the floor or a table, or even be mounted on a wall. There are so many options in material, including bronze and other metals, marble and other stone, glass, wood and more. Even large plates mounted on a wall can be considered sculpture. And medallions on the ceiling surrounding your dining room chandelier can be thought of as ceiling sculpture.
Sculptures2The subject of your sculpture can be lifelike or abstract. Today, many homeowners are adding statues of buddhas, animals, birds and classic human busts to their décor. And, in the abstract realm, almost any design is possible. Some people even like statuary that adds humor or whimsy to the home. It all depends on what pleases YOU!
Whether your sculpture sits on the floor, on a table or against a wall, make sure it’s in a place where it stands out against the surrounding color and design elements. Otherwise it will “disappear” and not make an impact. The base can be important too – to steady a sculpture, bring it to the right height and add drama.

Introduce a unique design element to your home with a piece of sculpture.


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