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This is one of our furniture companies!

18 Nov

This is one of our furniture companies!…

Pink Is The New Black

4 Nov

Pink1 pink2 Pink3

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Did You Know?
Pink is the New Black.

In interior design, just as in fashion these days, pink is heating up to become almost as popular as black!
Get in the pink this year with interior design embellishments in your home. And don’t worry, pink doesn’t have to be girly, childish or frilly. It can be sophisticated, modern and luxurious too.

Pink lets you have it any way you’d like. Just think of the variety of pink hues available, including raspberry, dusty rose, bubble gum, pink grapefruit, cotton candy, fuchsia and shrimp.

Pink has been called the color of happiness and it often communicates romance. But the mood you create all depends on the shade of pink you select. Vibrant hot pinks add passion and energy, while the lightest shades of pink bring a feeling of softness and calm. Middle tones are refreshing and feminine. Best of all, pink hues in interior design make most people’s complexions look healthy, young and rosy because they add a soft glow to a room!

Consider these points when you decorate with pink.
Pink plays well with many shades of green, including sage, lime and forest green, since pink and green are almost opposites on the color wheel. Pink is beautiful when paired with black, white, cream, grey, brown, gold, silver and red.
In a really light hue, pink can even act as a neutral instead of ivory or beige, especially if a pink paint is mixed with beige or ivory to become a soft shadow of pink. Pink is perfect for a small space, such as an accent wall or powder room.
Not sure how you’ll like pink? Try it for slip covers, throw pillows or bed linens to get started. Add a touch of this versatile color to your decor this fall. You and your guests will be tickled pink!

Have a great weekend everyone!

17 Jan

Have a great weekend everyone!

Be Fabrics: Radiant Orchid – 2014 Color of the Year

10 Dec

The color of the year is Radiant Orchid. What do you think? Fabricut has some great fabrics using this color. Take a look-

Be Fabrics: Radiant Orchid – 2014 Color of the Year.

Using Crystal and Glass In Your Home

18 Nov

 It’s clear that glass and crystal will make your home environment sparkle.

Your house will shine with just a touch of glass. Glass is a clean, fresh look that adds interest, without too much bling or glitter. Glass

The interesting thing about glass is that it almost disappears into a room to make the room seem more spacious and open, while it adds a beautiful design element that people do notice. Because light shines through most glass interior elements or light reflects back from light fixtures and the sun, glass home furnishings appear almost invisible and don’t seem to take up space. You can see your other interior design elements even more clearly; just think about a glass table sitting atop a beautiful rug. You can see the beauty of the rug much more clearly!

Chic and modern or traditional and elegant, glass works well in almost any space. And even though we think of glass as a clear element, lots of glass home fashions come in beautiful colors too.


In addition to popular glass-topped coffee tables or dining tables, think glass for:

  • Mosaic tiles in the guest bathroom or as a backsplash in the kitchen
  • Crystal chandeliers and glass lamps
  • Stained glass windows
  • Hurricane lanterns
  • Sea glass sculptures
  • Large glass jars or bottles to display treasures such as sea shells, pine cones, stones or fragrant potpourri
  • Glass countertops in the kitchen or bath – or a beautiful glass sink in the guest bathroom

Add a smattering of glass to your interior décor to make your house sparkle and appear larger. It’s a crystal clear choice.

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